WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Partial Social media and Blogging Break | Life, Blog and Business Updates

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Partial Social media and Blogging Break | Life, Blog and Business Updates

All the tea about my world so far.

[At the moment ]

My nephew is driving me nuts – How do these parents deal?

If your new to my blog, please leave a comment so I know you were here, and if you’re an oldie, I truly appreciate you coming back after so long.

I know I’ve been saying this for a minute, but this time, I’m totally for real. No more vanishing acts from me. There would be something new and exciting every single week here or on my YouTube channel.

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Self Love

A few months ago, I decided I needed to take a partial break off my main social media platforms, especially from my main Instagram page (find here)

The reason I took this decision was that, I started to question my skills and second guess my ability as a blogger/ Social Media Influencer. Scrolling through Instagram and YouTube and seeing what everyone else was doing in terms of content creation always left me in a state of doubt.

Doubt in the sense that, I would question my abilities as a self-made melanin Goddess and this left me in a very bad place mentally.

But, what I’ve learnt in this period was that, on social media, we can only see what others chose to share. The smiles, the brand sponsored trips, and the events. If we could show more of the ugly breakups, the family drama and everything in between, so everyone knows the truths about how human we are. Basically, I was bitter and stressed out about things that didn’t matter.

Because at the end of the day, we are only human.

I needed to take a step my back and appreciate myself and better the parts of me that I couldn’t accept, like always being broke – I started working harder so I can save up enough to be able to affordsomething things I wanted. Pouring more positivity into my life in order to for the world to reciprocate that energy.

We are all about positive energy.

Business on my Mind

Another reason I’ve been absent is that, I’ve been busy starting businesses everywhere. It may sound funny but in the span of 8 months, I’ve started 2 businesses and an online shop from scratch in addition to my blog and YouTube channel.

My inner entrepreneur wouldn’t stay still.

I’m also working on a few ebooks and possibly an online course of some sort, but less see how things unfold. We’ll definitely talk more about this topic but maybe in another post ? The work load I have to battle through everyday is astonishing, but I’m determined to make it all work. Terrie needed to get her life together. Procasting everything I’ve ever though of doing for funky reasons is no longer a thing.

Living my best life is my priority.


Granted, as a creator, it’s adviced to check in on your fellow creators, just to see what their doing and to ensure that your always in line with what’s trending and learn from their mistakes. Especially when it comes to doing Youtube, things start to feel abite repetitive.

Do I talk funny? Or write funny? It feels weird when I’m reading over

Please don’t misquote me, I’m no asking you to dab the work of another content creator. Girl, you’ll get yourself very very sued ?Finding out exactly what niche I should be creating content for, so I could work around them, I felt was also a very important step for my blog. I needed to have a clearer vision of what I wanted to achieve with what I what I’m doing so I can have a clearer vision.

The honest truth is that, I’ve never given up on sharing on my platforms, I wanted to be able to share the best of the best for you all. I can only do that if I’m the best me.

What it is guys, thanks for coming to join me once again.

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