Turban Week

Hey loves!

… In my school

Yeah, that’s what’s up for Student Representative Council Week, and that just gave me the best idea ever… I think I could show you guys a thing or two about turbans.

 For the first photo, you an see how subtle her make up is and how far the patterns on the scarf takes us. That’s just the beauty of it. I always prefer minimal make-up when tying a turban with a loud print scarf. This makes it easier for your face to be seen and it would not feel as though you are competing with the scarf for attention… lol
For the second photo, you get to see how versatile you can be with you turban and with your outfit. Solange really knows how to rock the South African look. I do wonder how she does it sometimes, but I guess that’s just the beauty of it. But back to the make up, you can see that she is not trying to scream how beautiful she is…The whole neutral face make up does go a long way to set off her out fit and make her style stand out. 

PS. I hope you notice how well she rocks different prints in both her scarf and her jacket.

Lastly, the reason why I chose this photo was that I have a red scarf that I plan to wear this week but seeing this photo on Google just made me sparkle. I am definitely curling my braids and doing this look… It’s so unique and I will surely get myself some paparazzi….

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