Top Favourite Makeup looks from Shalom Blac

Top Favourite Makeup looks from Shalom Blac



This lady, the beautiful Shalom Blac is my new YouTuber crush, which ultimately means, I have benge watched all her videos and I’m sure no one watches her updates until I have. What is your definition of beauty??? She fits my description perfectly.

To me, beauty is within. Beauty is confidence and courage to carry yourself through every situation.

So to begin with,  here is her most recent upload which is highly requested and detailed tutorial on how she keeps her eyebrows always fleeking. Its a must watch if you don’t have any eyebrow hairs oe you have very little to go along with. Shalom has got our backs.


The second video on my list, is her everyday makeup routine. She has loads of these uploaded, but so far, this is hands down my top most recommended. Its fast, simple and super easy to follow. The products that are used would all be listed here. Just switch up the lip colors to your specifications and your good to go


The next video is for those of us who have found baking your under eye all the time to be a headache or simple those who are not yet on the baking bandwagon.  Baking doesn’t work for everyone, neither does it apply to everyone’s everyday makeup routine. An extra 10 to 15 mins just to bake…come on 🙁   Any alternative would be pretty much accepted at this point.


Last, but not the least of her videos is her all star. The ground breaker of her makeup and YouTuber career. This is a clear indedication of how good collaborations really are in the blogger and YouTube community, and she collaborated with the beautiful YUNNIEROSE on this video (hit me up if you’d to collaborate with me). This video has over 3,300,000 views and counting. She has also been featured on dozens of news articles worldwide. Not everyone who has been through such an ordeal would have the courage and confidence to do video like this. There are thousands of youtubers doing the “power of makeup tag”, but ask yourself, why are they not all going viral?

Take a big leap of faith and do somthing extremely unique in your area of expertise.  That’s the message Shalom leaves in this video.


Thank you so much for watching guy’s and please try visiting her channel here. Subscribe and like the videos. My girl is also on Instagram @MAKEUPBYSHALOM and snapchat – SHALOM_BLAC


If you have any views, comments or concerns, please leave them in the comments section down below and I’ll definitely get back.




2 Cornthians 7:16

“I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you invall things”


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