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Here’s what you get when you advertise with Bijoux qui Brillent

  • Your choice of tiny, medium, or large ad. sizes (see below for graphics)
  • Your decision for the length of time your ad. is run
  • Targeted advertising and great exposure


Pricing is simple. Run your ad for how long you’d like (minimum 1 month).

Please contact me for pricing details on;

  •  tiny ads per month with a discount of 25% for 6 months on total cost
  • Medium ads per month with a discount of 25% for 6 months on total cost
  • Large ads per month with a discount of 25% for 6 months on total cost
  • Entire blog skin ******please email me for special information******

Payment can be  made via PayPal, VISA, bank transfer, MTN mobile money. I will invoice you!

Ad Sizes:

There are three ad sizes available; tiny, medium, and large. All sizes will be displayed in my sidebar under the “Sponsors” section.

Tiny: 150px x 150px


Medium: 150px x 300px


Large: 300px x 300px


Social Media Mentions :

This involves mentioning the brand on my social media platforms

If you have something more specialized in mind, I’d also love to hear from you. If a post has a PR collaboration, it will be stated at the Beginning/End of the post

I accept products to be reviewed and featured on my blog. I will only write about products that I honestly like, fit my aesthetic and would recommend to my readers. All words and opinion will be mine regardless of the review ! Also, any products sent for review will be stated at the Beginning/End of the post.

I’m also open to reviews of brands that provide lifestyle services that will be beneficial to my readers (open to all brands)

Reviews of Places – Including galleries, hubs, retail outlets, cool spaces offering a different experience. If you’ll like me to come over, have a feel and possibly do a feature on my blog, hit me up.

I love to travel as well.

If you are specifically interested in having me feature your product, brand or service in a giveaway for my readers, please also feel free to send me an email and tell me what you have in mind. It a chance for me to always give back to my loyal fans here on my blog and on my Youtube Channel.

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