The origin of the soap brow technique is not known, but has been beautifully recreated by my love Dimma Umeh, award winning nigerian youtuber, and beauty blogger


It’s a creative idea to set your eyebrows with soap, but the question is, would I try it myself? DEFINITELY. The soap brow technique has actually been around for much longer than we’ve known. It dates back to the 40’s and 50’s, when celebrities did soap brows in Hollywood, because it was such a great way to get your their eyebrows looking fuller and more natural. I recently purchased a box of Pears transparent soap just to try this technique for myself. To be honest, I’ve been extremely sceptical about putting soap on my brows, but after watching Dimma’s video, I was so gingered up. This technique has also been tried out by makeup gurus such as Real techniques, pixiwooKaushal Beauty and many others. It’s not every day a lady can spend hundreds of Ghana cedis*   on clear brow gels and the likes. Having a hack like this may come in handy, if it works, why not 🙂 . You don’t necessarily have to use the exact same products shown in the video to fill in your brows, use what you have available and it’s sure to work just the same. The soap cost GH 12.00 at my local pharmacy.

You may or may not get it at the same price but, it’s sure worth a try.



Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz – Dark brown
Anastasia beverly Hills brow duo – Auburn
mac studio finish concealer – Nw40
Pears transparent soap – Gentle Care
Lena lashes – Bev


NYX brow gel – Expresso

Pears transparent soap – Gentle Care

Mac brow pencil – Spiked

LA Girl pro-concealer – toffee




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