Shy Girls Guide | How To take Amazing Instagram Photos In Public

Shy Girls Guide | How To take Amazing Instagram Photos In Public

I’ve written this post twice already so I hope you really learn something from this piece


If you came here to find out what you can do to Help boost your confidence and help you take more stunning pictures for instagram. I was first introduced to this thing called blogging by my Big sister Belinda (Zoharous fashion) who has subsequently been my rock since then.

At the beginning, I was a real “Johnny just come”, it was horrible. Now, I’m here to share my secrets on how to take amazing Instagram pictures. Once you start, there are afew challenges you will face along the way, nothing you can deal with. Finding a secluded location to take your photos is one of them. If you like the location, chances are, other people like that location too and are trying to enjoy the scenery as well. It takes more than just guts to stand in a crowd of people to pose for a picture, especially if you are half as shy as I am.

But I did not give up without a fight. If Dimmah can do it, if Afua Rida can do it, if my mum can do it, then I don’t have an excuse. After reading this post, you don’t have an excuse either.

Yeah, You just shot yourself in the foot ? by clicking the link

Here, I’ll be sharing my top 6 tips on how to take bomb-ass pictures in the most public places.



Speech of Confidence

It’s a no brainer (this point} Confidence sells products even more than faces. If you do not have enough confidence, then keep reading and you’ll definitely find something that can help you out.

Love yourself

Remind yourself before the shoot with some positive affirmation quotes saved on your phone  or on a piece of paper to help boost your confidence. Remind yourself constantly how beautiful you are, how special you are and how unique you are. Because, within a 100 meter radius of you, how many people have the confidence to do what you’re doing.


Look Straight at the Camera

This is something even I have to work on, but the truth of the matter is looking straight at the camera makes you look 10x more confident than you really are. People attribute confidence with the ability to look them straight in the eyes when communicating. Apply this principle when taking photos and your gucci. You will automatically give off the intoxicating #confidentchic vibe.

Side Note • I need to add this to my photo goals.


Earphones or Air pods

For me, it used to be earphones and loud speakers. But since Apple decide to change the game for me, why not?

If you’re a music baby like me, then you can relate to how music makes everything better. No more running to listen to music on your phone real quick with your earphones, depending on what photo you are trying to create, my earpods sometimes even serve as props. They are hardly noticeable and they stay put, no matter how much you move or jump.



Now I’m sharing top secrets. When I feel like my eye makeup isn’t on a level 100, or if my eye seem red or tired because I didn’t get much sleep, I tend to grab this accessory from my bag and do my thing. It really doesn’t need to be a million dollar pair, it only needs to be stylish and served its intended purpose.


Get a Photo Prop or two
This is truly how to get to take those amazing Instagram photos. A prop can be literally anything-magazines, bags, books, even leaves. A prop is what I use to get my mind off the shoot. A slight pop of color that adds interest to your photo. It works all the time.


Make Sure your Makeup or your skin is on point
Your makeup is key, but a glow healthy skin is the goal. If you’re not in the mood for the whole beat face drama, make sure you’re treating your skin well enough, drink lots of water and make sure your skin is on point for your next instagram photo shoot. If you want to put on makeup, please make sure you applied all the right techniques. Use blending and highlighting to your advantage not your disadvantage and always remember that less is more in everything even in makeup. Try to make your naturally stunning features stand out.


How to take amazing Instagram photos - bijouxquibrillent

How to take amazing Instagram photos-bijouxquibrillent

How to take amazing Instagram photos-bijouxquibrillent

How to take amazing Instagram photos-bijouxquibrillent

How to take amazing Instagram photos-bijouxquibrillent

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