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Another Wednesday, another product review.

So guys, going through my blog plan for this year, I was supposed to be putting out content 3 times a week. On Monday, on Wednesday and on Friday/Saturday, but so far, I’m doing a very lousy job at keeping to the schedule.

I received my Mello hair products a few weeks ago and since then, I’ve been alternating between their Curl Hydrating Spray and their Moisture retention butter which smell like beautiful flower garden. It has taken me sometime to finally publish this post because, I had just got braids installed a few days before I received my package. Post-braid-take-down, I would spray the Curl hydration spray just to soothing my scale and moisturizes my roots as well. It gives off this amazing feeling. 



When I finally took down my braids (which at this point had turned into a dreaded jungle) I deep conditioned my hair first and formost with my home made deep conditioning mixture. This usually consist of egg yolk, half a pear,*** banana  coconut oil, honey, some lemon juice ( to take away that gross egg smell) then I add a few spoons of olive oil. Then mix or blend. I’ll be doing a detailed post on how I make this mix soon, so don’t forget to sign up so you don’t miss it. Click here or the side bar 



After a few days, my twist out was out (heheeeee 🙂 get it?) Each time I felt like my curls were looking a bit flat, or my hair was too stretched for my liking, I would hydrate my hair using the mello’s curl hydrating spray and follow up with the moisture retention butter which would lock in the moisture for hours. The hydrating spray can be used for daily styling. I would also occasionally use these products alone to flat twist my hair and I added a generous amount of leave-in condition then, leave it overnight, and then, voila,  it always turns out great. Since this product was gifted, the price didn’t affect my judgement of this product. From their website, you can find all their products and service at extremely affordable prices.


Mello - hair -review - bijouxquibrillent photos

It’s a miracle I got this bun with absolutely no gel

The awesomeness. Can you believe that the moisture retention butter can also be applied to the skin, face and beard? They also off a 90-day garentered money back system with no questions asked. How cool 🙂

My only concern was that I was sent sample sizes to review, so I had run out in a matter of weeks. Aside that, I had absolutely no problem.

If I had to sell my cat to repurchase the moisture retention butter, I would. I highly recommend mello hair products…

If you are interested in purchasing or contacting mello hair, you can email them order@mellow or www.mello

Follow them on FB @mellohair

IG @mellohair



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