Is Selena saying “she’s farting CARROTS”

Say what? BBC Radio listeners think that Selena Gomez’s new song, ‘Good For You,’ opens up with her saying she’s ‘farting carrots.’ Uh, gross. Thankfully, she cleared up this lyric mishap in a new interview.

BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills got to the bottom of this issue during his interview with Selena on Aug. 14. Selena had called in for a chat to talk about her new music and her upcoming album, Revival. At first, Scott was reluctant to bring up the carrots question. He actually put Selena on hold so he could ask co-host Chris Stark if he should even mention it!
“She’s just been talking about 
how sexy and sensual the song is and now I’m going to ask if the first line is about farting carrots,” Scott told Chris. Unbelievable! After Scott put Selena back on the call, he found the strength to tell her “a lot of [his] listeners think the first line ‘I’m farting carrots.’”
Awkward? Actually, no. Selena broke out in a huge laugh! “Wouldn’t that just start the tone really sexy?” said Selena. “And like that’s what you want to hear a girl say?” Of course, the line is “I’m a 14 carat,” which means that she’s a very valuable diamond. As Selena pointed out, the word “fourteen” and “farting” sound very similar in British English. “It’s…because you guys have the accent,” she said, “so it does kind of sound like that. For sure.”
Well, a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond, so we could possibly understand the confusion if the BBC listeners were bunnies. But, no — this is just so, so silly. Thankfully, Selena had a sense of humor about the whole thing while putting an end to this strange and slightly gross lyric mishap.

But before you leave, have a dance from me…

Thank you
xoxo Farting Carrot


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