How to find your Personal Style | Curate the Perfect Functional Wardrobe

How to find your Personal Style | Curate the Perfect Functional Wardrobe



If you’re like the old me and getting ready takes you at least, an hour just to figure out what to wear, then this post is for you.

I’m going to share my “Top tips on how to curate the perfect functional wardrobe for your own personal style” that will make your outfit selection process easier and better.

Once you get the gist of what you like as a person and what you can stand for a long time without getting bored in terms of what you wear, everything else becomes really really simple.


To find pieces that will stand the test of time, here is what I do:

I strongly believe that making wish-lists helps to narrow down your options. Sure, you can definitely do this without making wish-lists but, it will become a hundred times more difficult for you. You are bound to impulse buy, splurge or just get things that you feel you will have some use for in sometime to come – but, we both know that’s never the case.

You can use either your Evernote, IPhone notes, Shoptagr or even the Instagram save feature to save pieces you find interesting and budget friendly. Some awesome, family-oriented shops like theoutlet may allow you to put a few items on hold for short period if you’re a regular customer. All depends on your communication skills and how nice you are.


Finding Inspiration
For getting style inspiration, the best place to search is Pinterest. Especially if you’re basically starting from scratch and you have no idea what you want your style should or could be.
Start Pinning like a mad person.

Notice what you constantly stop to admire the most, you are more likely to pin and add to your boards. Gradually, you start to see your boards slowly taking shape.
Please look beyond trends, as they always fade away, remember that style, true style, is eternal. Trending currently are heavy prints, colorful patterns and bright colors, but ask yourself, how functional are these colors in your everyday life?
I personal gravitate towards blacks, grays, nudes and browns most of the time. As boring as they may sound, they are colors I have found the fit my new but strange lifestyle. The rest of the pieces in my closet are African print getup for church, and family events. I rarely ever wear jewelry and when I do, I tend to gravitate towards minimalist jewelry. Less is more for me.

By creating a list from your inspirations and taking it shopping with you. You’ll thank me later




Sleep on IT
Once you have decided what you want to buy from any shop, from your Instagram saves, Pinterest board or wherever; sleep on it. Try not to make purchases things your not really sure about, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget like ‘moi’. Make sure it’s either a versatile piece or something you just can do without in your wardrobe before you spend that coin.


De-cluttering Time
Babe, it’s time to clean out your mess.
Try de-cluttering your closet every 6 months or once a year for good measure. I can’t stress on this enough but from my observation, our Ghanaian ‘aunties’ never, ever, ever want to throw stuff out. Then simply donate them.

You’ve had this dress in your wardrobe for 2 years, 3 years or more and you’ve not even taken off the tag. Chances are, that dress probably doesn’t even fit you anymore. Please ladies and gents, not in 2019. Before the end of the year, I urge you to go through your closet or suitcases and pick out anything you haven’t worn in 6 months to a year and put it in a bag.

If you haven’t picked out any of the things you’ve set aside for the next 7 days, you can live without them.

Sell them. Donate them. Throw them out.


Learn from your Purchase Mistakes
The end…
We both used enough money on stuff.
Learn from mistakes. Stay true to your new found style and make the best out of it.

Stay Smart
After you’ve finally found the missing pieces to unlocking your style, stick to it. It takes more than just reading this post to curate the perfect wardrobe, you have to be ready and little bit disciplined with one or two things.

So yeah, it’s really a try and error process, but, once you figure it out, you’re set for life. You can only go up from here on.







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