How to Apply False Lashes | JaydePierce

How to Apply False Lashes | JaydePierce


Hey Jewels,

Okay, so who knows JaydePierce. Yeah, she’s extremely famous in the makeup industry and also, some fly around gossip about her and Justin Bieber being together. But in my expert opinion, I would say, she’s the Bomb 🙂  and she is here to give us some tricks on how to apply lashes with ease. The trick has always been patience, both with the glue and with the application or you’ll end up making a HOT MESS which we all DO NOT want. Do drop by her channel for much more helpful videos like these.





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  1. May 30, 2016 / 8:52 am

    Hey Theresa, it has been a while. Hope you are ok. I haven’t forgotten about our collabo, I have just been busy travelling. Great video. I suck at wearing falsies. but practice makes perfect they say.x

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