Helpful tips to feel more comfortable wearing makeup | 5

Helpful tips to feel more comfortable wearing makeup | 5


I just want to let you guys know, that it’s high time you stop being hard on yourself. Remember people only show you what they want you to see on the Internet. Everybody has those bad hair days and breakout days but not one posts those and even if they do, they add touch ups. Not to say there aren’t people with the gorgeous skin out there but, please ladies, you are all beautiful.  And not to forget, fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. We are all people, and I think you should do what makes you tick.



The first thing I would like to put out there is, makeup does not equal confidence.



This is just my little way of helping people who are looking to wear makeup but are feeling weird about how to go about it and how to feel better about it. I’m definitely not advocating makeup to people who aren’t interested in makeup.  It can be a little more overwhelming for those of us who are now venturing and experimenting with our looks, but that’s why I’m doing this post.







Eliminate unnecessary worry by practicing often so you get used to it and this should double up your confidence when it comes to wearing it and your techniques would get better as you go along. Another highlight is that you could figure out which products work for your skin and which ones DO NOT. It can be really exhausting when you’re new to makeup with all the makeup brands out there. Trust me, but you get to know which products to add to your routine so you feel more confident when you’re out in public places such as school, at work, you name it. There are products for oily skin and products for dry skin and even for combination skin. Matte products tickle my fancy a lot.





It honestly doesn’t matter how great your application techniques are. Some people find it more difficult to manage this problem more than others and there are a couple of things that we can all try to get our skin in the best possible condition it can be in.





Wash your face very often

Drink lots of water

Use a moisturizer that works well for your skin

Take off your make properly before bed. Try never to sleep with your makeup on… you will start to break out.

Your skin would look more radiant when you apply makeup and it would be one less thing you would need to worry about.



African American woman applying mascara



3.  Try incorporating makeup gradually in public.


If you’re worried about how people are going to read into your overnight transformation, then take baby steps at it. People react differently to change and gradual change is not easily noticed. You can start by trying out mascara, lip balm, and you can move on to filling in your brows and then start to chip in the rest gradually. Tip: depends on your personal preference. Your friends and other people around you would get used to it gradually.




Try everything to find out where your interest lies. You could start makeup with one style in mind and then find that you’re crazy about another style you never considered. I went into makeup thinking I would always wear a full face of heavy makeup just so I could completely change my face. I realized that it didn’t work out well for me at all, especially with my busy schedule and having to meet different people all the time. So do you, try avantgarde,  try bridal, try dark Gothic makeup and find your zone. Try everything and after you find the one you’re most interested in, you’ll feel much more boosted with confidence.








You should want it to accentuate your already perfect features.

No one needs makeup. No one has to wear makeup. Feel confident going out without it, feel beautiful because you are.

Be positive at all times. Don’t wear it to impress, or fit in. There will always be people who would be against wearing makeup so be prepared. Somewhere along the line you would meet them and they would throw their ideas at you because they obviously do not support it. Be matured, and know that, you’re the only one who has the right to tell you how to present yourself. Change what you want on your body to suit you and to make you happy.


If you were not doing anything to offend anyone, and not doing anything against yourself, then should feel free. No form of beauty enhancement is better than the other. People get haircuts all the time, why should that be any different from painting your face if you want to? It has been a challenge from time memorial, it’s easier said than done but feel good about what you think would spark up your life. Life is too short to spend time thinking about what people think of your looks. I love makeup and I think its fun that you can change your looks any time you want and expressing your artistic sense with color.


Makeup is not supposed to make you more beautiful.























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    I totally absolutely agree with the points you made. ps. love your website aswell.x

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