Eyanaturals Leave-in conditioner

The first time I saw this product was at FashonistaGH, a festival where talents from all over Ghana come to showcase their goods and services. In a nut-shell you could find close to anything at the festival. They had fashion shows, cosmetics, african accessories, food, hair products and counting. My lovely sister, the owner of Zoharous invited me to join her at the festival mainly because my summer break was getting extremely boring. The fest was indeed worth while and I enjoyed every single bit of the 3 day celebration. 
I visited the eyanaturals stand the first day and met the owner, who was so amazing and friendly. She  took her time to take me through their products and even offered me a sample for my hair. That was the killer moment 🙂 The moment I truly fell in love.
My hair had honestly never felt soo soft and healthy. I later came to get the product with my sisters, everyone us bought a different product so when we came together we could try them together. 
I got the leave-in water based conditioner.
This product has coconut oil, Shea-butter, cetearyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, fragrance, sodium benzoate, citric acid, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil as an essential oil. The trick with this product is to massage it from the roots to the tip of the hair strands and as you know the shrinkage is real. Your hair starts to shrink like it does when you use any other leave-in conditioner. It leaves your hair feeling refreshed especially after rocking a braid-out or twist-out for some days. It has really helped my hair for the past few months. I am almost out so I am definitely looking to get some more and I would definitely do a more detailed review on the rest of the products to let you all in on my thoughts and findings.  There could even be another giveaway with eyanaturals products
My final conclusion on the product is that, it is a really good buy, and you get all the value for your money. It not only smell really pretty but it leaves your hair feeling and looking beautiful.
xoxo Eyanaturals leave-in conditioner

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