2 Ways to take off matte-makeup in 5 mins

2 Ways to take off matte-makeup in 5 mins

When it comes to makeup removal, we all (makeup users) can attest to the fact that, it can get slightly annoying. Finding an easy, but just as effective methods for this odious task is always the key. I am not much of a matte lipstick person, but when I do steer towards the matte-lip-pie world, taking it off at night is usually such a hassle. I have found myself taking off all my makeup using whips, and going through my daily cleansing regiment HERE and taking a shower and still finding little traces of matte lipstick on my lips.
It’s something else, believe me 🙁

Recently, though, my success story has changed because of these easy tips I am about to share with you. Can I hear an Amen in the building 🙂

First of all, matte lipsticks do not come off with just water, especially the color-pop matte liquid lipsticks (they sometimes require fire, and brimstone to get them to come off)

They are designed to last for as long as 24 hours, all through the eating, drinking, and kissing processes. So they are made to be water resistant and sometimes kiss proof 🙂 They are however not oiled resistant.


unrefined shea butter, purely organic



Before I take off the rest of my makeup, I apply a thick, very thick coat of either my whipped shea butter mixture which I mostly apply to my hair or just raw organic shea butter onto my lips. Then, I take off the rest of my makeup using a wet baby whip. I only take off as much as I can with the whips. But always remember to be gentle with your skin at all time. We do NOT want to break out just because we are are taking off our makeup. Read my acne story HERE. Then, I apply just a little of the whipped shea butter onto the rest of my face to moisten it. This is because the whips may have dried my skin out. After this step, I then take another whip and with one swipe, I make sure I take as much of the lipstick and the shea butter off as I can. Then, I repeat the process to try and get the rest off. I usually get off all the lipstick after the 3rd swipe. Then, I use another whip to clean whatever makeup I may still have on my face. I the wash my face using either my African black soap or my ChoCho soap. Both soaps leave my face squeaky-clean and dry.

Occasionally, I steam my face using a bowl of hot water and a large towel. This is to open up my pores so that any moisturizers or toners I apply would be absorbed faster and easier (This process is commonly known as oil pulling). I then apply a generous amount of bio oil to my face and let it do the magic. I also apply another coat of whipped shea butter to my lips to keep them well moisturized throughout the night. The shea butter can be conveniently substituted by coconut oil as the second process, used to take off your matt-lippies.

See you next week with another exciting post.




Fresh lips in less than a 5 mins




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  1. Lade
    December 1, 2016 / 7:50 am

    Matte lipsticks are only great when they are on lol.. This was a useful tip. I usually use whips first and then a lipscrub.


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