How to Detangle 4B/C Natural Hair in under 10 mins

How to Detangle 4B/C Natural Hair in under 10 mins

Anybody in my innermost circle () can attest to the fact that, I’ve always wanted to shave my head ever since I started keeping my hair natural.



Because natural hair can really be a mess. I hot mess. Especially if you can’t comb it and when I got the chance to comb it, it wouldn’t stop breaking off. My hair would literally shedding like a tree in autumn. Not to mention how long it would take to go through the whole wash day process.


“Why couldn’t it be as easy to manage my 4C natural hair as it was when it was relaxed?”, I would often ask myself.


I have absolutely no makeup and crusty skin


With the mother


Another alternative was to go to the saloon, which I tried, but manz not about to pay money every-other-day to get my hair washed. Also, the hairdressers can be so mean when it comes to people with natural hair. Maybe I’m being too judgemental, not all, but a select cruel few.

My breaking point was when I had to walk out of a salon with my hair half done because my hairdresser was trying to pull my hair off my scalp. When I got home, I opened my youtube app and searched for, “Lazy girls natural hair detangling tutorials” (which described me perfectly). That day was Christmas ?? I was soo excited because everything I saw in the videos, I just happened to have lying around in the house.

Well today, I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you and a little trick I’ve also adopted over the weeks with all my busy people, all my lazy sisters and all natural hair peps who just want to wash, detangle their hair and move on with their lives.


All you need is;

  • Apple cider vinegar with the mother
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Hair clips
  • A spray bottle
  • Water
  • An old towel


What I did:

It really doesn’t matter if you could get a comb through your hair at this point. It will work with the most detangled hair available.

  1. Started out by sectioning my hair into 4 and hold them down with your clips
  2. Mix about a cup of apple cider vinegar plus an equal amount of water into a spray bottle. And shake vigorously.
  3. Place your old towel around your neck to prevent the mixture for staining your clothes or getting the mixture everywhere. It can get pretty messy.
  4. Spray through the matted mess you’ve managed to section and evenly distribute mixture through each section by run your fingers gradually until you can feel your hair completely detangled.
  5. Repeat the process for throughout your head. (You will see all the knots in your hair literally start to melt away like butter)
  6. Shampoo, and deep condition your hair as usual.
  7. Pat dry and style as you would normally do.




FUN FACTS about Apple Cider Vinegar 

The benefits of apple Cider vinegar is just amazing. You can even drink a a few spoons everyday if you can stand the smell and taste. You would be amazed about how your skin would clear up and start to glow from the inside. To mention but a few, see below;

1. Soothe and exfoliate skin

2. Get rid of dandruff
3. Fight acne

4. Tone oily skin

5. Neutralize odors

6. Relieve sunburn

6. Relieve sunburn


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