Review || Black Up Full coverage cream foundation

Review || Black Up Full coverage cream foundation

Hello Berries,

Being the foundation freak that I am, I successfully tried about 5 different foundations in 2017. And I’m ready to spill the tea ☕️ on all the foundations and other makeup and beauty products I’m walking into 2018 with.

Today’s treat is a review on the black Up full coverage cream foundation. I would classify it as a high-end foundation, because you can’t get this in your everyday drugstore and it’s very much on the pricey side if you are to consider my tight budget. On the package, they claim the product is an oil free, extreme full coverage and lightweight as well.

We’ll see about that ?!? ?

I can say for a fact that it’s truly full coverage and lightweight. And Yes, it gives you a perfectly even, smooth and flawless finish if you blend it well enough.

I got the shade HC 13 because it was night and I simply couldn’t be bothered. I feel like I should have gone a few shades darker, but I’m emptying this tube and cutting it open to get the rest out before I get ride of it finally ?.

So far I’ve been using this product constantly for about a month now and I’m not even half way through the tube. And as expected a little  goes a long way. The packaging is really sleek and pretty. It doesn’t have any noticeable smell to it, but I guess it’s because it’s expensive, who really knows? It’s oil free which I love.

The Cons

It doesn’t last 12 hours and you need to constantly touch up with some powder or blot your face (at least I do) to prevent me from becoming a potential grease ball after a few hours. I got it for Gh170 at the Black Up cosmetics stand at Accra Mall, but you can find it at MAXMART if you live in Accra.


Would I repurchase this product?

I doubt it. There are bigger fishes in the foundation pond that I would very much like to do swatches and review series on.


What I’m looking forward to trying

Haunty Rihanna’ worked her magic and release the fentybeauty line of makeup. I’ve watched almost every review there is on the products, but I haven’t had the privilege to try them out yet, I’m still waiting for mine to come in the mail ?. But from every indication, their foundation is everything I’ve been looking for. A foundation that;

• Smooths and gives a silky finish.

• Last at least 16-20 hours a day especially if the products claims to last 24 hours.

• It should be able to hide my smile lines, dark marks and hyper pigmentation.


That’s it Berries, I hope you find this post useful and helps you make a good choice on your next foundation hunt.


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