Best Loose Eye Glitter pigments – Evita Joseph P48 Star Reflects Sparkly Pigments Review

Evita Joseph P48 Star Reflect loose eyeshadow pigment

Glitter and highlighter might just be the only reason why I love makeup.

Hey you guys, welcome back to my blog, in today’s post as the title suggests, I’ll be sharing these new glitter pigments. Also, some great tips on how to apply glitter pigments like these and get them to pop & be seen from outer space. Evita Joseph was kind enough to gift me these pigment and a bunch of other makeup products. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my un-boxing of the goody bag I received on my insta-stories. I was really excited.


when opened

Sosta – a silvery shade 

Axios – a true bronze eye pigment shade 

Philia – a wine reddish shade 

Prepis – an orangy shade 

Katharos – a true yellow gold 


The Evita Joseph P48 Star Reflects eye pigments are said to be premium sparkle loose eye pigments with an intense sparkle effect. They have been used by makeup artists all over the world, but the two most noticeable ones are; Using them  as eye shadow pigments or as eye toppers by layering them with an eye shadow. The shades KATHAROS, PHILIA, PREPIS, AXOIS, & SOSTA.

Allow me to share some swatches.


These glitters are cosmetic grade glitter which is the approved kind of makeup glitters for the eyes. They are so ultra fine and not the really chunky kind of pigments.The best part is that they ship worldwide and have the cutest packaging bags. They come in these bitty jars with about one teaspoon of glitter product in them.


On the topic of metallic, holographic and iridescent glitter shadows, a couple of weeks ago, Evita Joseph also launched 3 new glitter pigment in the shades Mastos, Hentikos which I done have yet, but you can also check out HERE.

A hack you can use to achieve the ultimate glitter pigments effect is to use either a base or lash adhesive/glitter glue.

I recommend the too faced shadow insurance, inglot duraline, nyx glitter glue, regular eyelash glue like duo lash glue.

Also, a great way to get the fall outs from the glitter off your face is to use cellotape instead of a brush which will only spread the glitter further.

If you would like to purchase anything from Evita Joseph’s Website, CLICK HERE, you can use my discount code which it TERRIE5 to get 10% OFF your order. You get to save some coins.


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