Handmade African Print bomber Jacket trend

Handmade African Print bomber Jacket trend

Hello my lovely readers, I’m 3/4 almost a graduate.

Ok, now its official, I can only blog from my phone. But, nope, I refuse to let anything keep me away from you. True, I went on a well deserved final examination break from blogging, but I tried keeping up on social media as best as I could. Link up with me by clicking on any of the social media icons ?


‘Follow me bumper to bumper’ was a popular hit song around 2007-2008 in Ghana, Nigeria and many other countries. That was my inspiration for the title of this post, but the focus is undeniably on these gorgeous numbers. Incase you haven’t still guessed, they are my new African print bomber jackets.  I have seen bomber jackets of many shapes, sizes and colours. And just how quick they can take a very basic outfit from bore and dull, to “hey, look, ‘I’ just walled in the room” amazes me. The plane/patterned coloured blazers such as the ones I have included below were my style inspiration. African print bomber jackets aren’t actually new in the fashion system, they seem to be like cocaroaches,  popping up and vanishing, but always around. I first saw them among one Christie Brown’s collections. 

I would have a post up shortly showing how to dress up or * murder it * when wearing your trendy printed bomber jacket. It’s your right to be beautiful…

These two nogerts were Designed and made by Zoharous fashions who is one of the biggest fashion sponsors of Bijouxquibrillent.



Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end of this experience. Please let me know which one was your favorite and what you would like me to post or talk about next.

Always remember…Christ in you…





Jeremiah 2:23 “can a maI’d forget her ornaments,  or a bride her attire? Yet my people forget me days without number.”


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